Waikiki, Hawaii, United States

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Hawaii has a been a Bucket List destination since I was little. An idyllic Pacific isle, what’s not to like? Arriving into Honolulu, the grass was as green and the sea as blue as I’d imagined. Aside from sinking my feet into the sand and knocking back a few Coronas, these were my highlights.

Waikiki Beach

The beach itself is, quite simply, a cool place to hang out. Much like The Strip in Las Vegas or South Beach in Miami, it is where everything seems to happen in Honolulu. Large resorts line the waterfront, while all sorts of beach goers and watersports line the frontage. Take your pick of bars and restaurants, but there’s a couple of amazing spots just off the beaten path – don’t miss the GOOFY Cafe & Diner for breakfast, just off Ala Moana Blvd near the Hilton, and I enjoyed the brews at the Waikiki Brewing Company just along the road from there.

Waikiki Beach

Diamond Head

I’ve got to admit, its 100% a touristy thing to do – but its also a good spot for a great view of the ocean and the beach itself. Just be prepared for a bit of a trek with thousands of tourists of varying fitness levels. The journey is, for the most part, pretty easy – it’s mostly paved or a flat path.

Diamond Head

Road Trip to the North Shore

A drive to the North Shore is a must when you’re in Hawaii. Not only are the beaches beautiful and far less crowded, but there is some fantastic surf action up there. Whether you’re into surfing or not, it’s quite spectacular to watch nonetheless.

North Shore, Hawaii

Pearl Harbour Memorial

Whether you’re a history buff or not, this is a very moving place to visit. We’ve all seen the movie, and we’ve all read the text books – Pearl Harbour is an interesting place to actually see in person. Tours take visitors out to the remains of USS Arizona, but if you’re short on time, then it’s very easy (and free) just to roam around the waterfront memorial park and view the museum. That alone gives you a very surreal feeling of standing on a piece of history.

Hanauma Bay

A beautiful bay, and a great place to catch some underwater life – Hanauma Bay is a marine Nature Preserve. Yes, you’ve got to pay a buck or two to visit, but it is definitely worth it, and the added bonus is that it is very easy to get to from Waikiki – just take the bus which takes your door to door. Be sure to follow the instructions

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve